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GN Support Center

How to contact Guardian Networks for help.

E-mail - Quick response to e-mailed questions.

Phone  (+1)  949.892.5252


How do I access support when I need it?

Just pick up the phone and call. We supply you with the direct cell phone number of your primary support technician (PST) who is accessible 24 hours a day. No frustrating hold times and no awkward conversation with someone who has no familiarity with your system. Your PST is completely familiar with your network and can generally troubleshoot problems much faster and more efficiently than a help desk person across town or across the country who has never even seen your computer system in person. Of course you can always access support via email for non-urgent issues.

Do you sell computers, peripherals, web hosting, etc.?

We don’t sell any products, hardware or software. When you need to purchase hardware or software, we research and find the most suitable product and vendor and make a recommendation and when possible, generate a quote or a shopping cart to facilitation your purchase.

Do you support desktop applications, e.g. accounting, Point of Sale, CAD software, etc.?

Generally speaking, we don’t support desktop applications. For example, if you ask us how to format pivot tables in Excel or why certain fields behave a certain way in QuickBooks, we will not be able to help you. And the reason is simple: There are so many different flavors, versions and vendors of software, each with its own skills requirements that GN (nor any other vendor) could not possibly support any and all software used in businesses today. What we do instead, is provide and support the infrastructure for your applications to exist and run, i.e. the server, the workstations, permissions and active directory structure, the network environments, etc.

However, there are two exceptions to this rule: We do fully support Outlook (email client), Outlook Web Access (OWA), Blackberryand iPhone integration with Exchange email, and we also support Internet Explorer and Firefox. These applications are so prevalent, standardized and so vital to the everyday operation of a business that we include full support including basic how-to support plus troubleshooting and configuration issues.

Do you help in dealing with my DSL/T-1 provider, my cabling installer, or other vendors having to do with my computer system?

Absolutely. We take care of all aspects of dealing with other service providers and vendors who affect you computer network, internet access, email and web site. This includes meeting with as well as email and telephone communication with the respective vendors. When major decisions are needed, we call you for directions.

If our computers gets infected by a virus will you fix it?

Yes, however we take extreme precautions to avoid having viruses anywhere near your system. Firewall, desktop and central virus scan software and/or appliances and carefully designed security protocols are but some of the measures we take to make sure you have a safe computing environment.

Some of our employees are on the road, some are off-site, some work from home and some work in an overseas or out of state office. Will you support all of them?

Yes, as long as they are included in the support plan and they are on a platform that we support (keep in mind that we don’t support Macs or Linux.

Our copier/fax machine/printer/laptop screen or keyboard broke. Can you fix it?

Generally, hardware failures should be handled by the manufacturer, an authorized dealer or depot repair station, so we won’t be able to help you with those problems, which is important to keep records of your purchases and warranty info. However, on a case by case basis, we do perform minor repairs, for example replacing a laptop keyboard as long as you supply the parts and also release GN from liability for potential damage to other delicate parts. We don't do repairs or any kind on copiers, fax machines, printer.

Do you charge for travel time?
No. 99% of our customers are in Orange County and within 30 minutes drive or less, so we don't see any need to charge for travel time, whether for regular scheduled visits or for unscheduled or emergency visits.

Will you help us set up our web site?

Sorry, we don’t do site design or HTML/XHTML coding, however we will set up your internal or hosted server to bring your site online and if need be, transfer your site to the new server. If you need to have someone build your site, we can probably refer you to a local designer.

Can you help me design a database or custom program?

Sorry, we don't do any programming, database-related or otherwise.

We are having problems with our 3rd-party hosted email (and/or web site). Do you support that?

If your host is one that we recommended to you, yes. We will contact the host and try to resolve these types to problems to the extent possible. However, keep in mind that since we are dealing with a 3rd party, we are limited in the extent of what we are able to do. If your email and web site is hosted in house (i.e. Microsoft Exchange, IIS), then we take full responsibility for the problem and go to work immediately.

Are your hours cumulative? In other words, if we only need you for one hour on your visit, will the unused hour be added to the next visit?

No. We typically spend up to ½ a day per visit on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If we are on site for less than 1/2 a day, the unused hours do not cumulative.

Do you provide the software we need, e.g. backup, virus scan, operating system or server software?

No. You as the client are responsible for purchasing and maintaining the support and renewal agreements for all of your software. GN will make recommendations as to what software to purchase, if needed, and which applications to avoid.

Do you support Apple/Macs?


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